Book Signings/Events

Rescue Dog grabs my book before they sell out (Downtown Chicago Hilton Hotel 2008)         

Lemstone Bookstore,Algonquin,IL 2009  Stonecup CoffeeShop Chattanooga TN 2008

Barnes & Noble Crystal lake IL-2009           The 1st day on book on shelf at Costco
  Navy Pier Downtown Chgo. 2008     Book Signing Island Lake Foods-My name in lights! LOL!
   Golf Mill Mall-Niles,IL 2008
                     Book signing-Curves Tour- Wauconda IL 2007
Kelly Morgan & I after she interviewed      Outside of The Harvest TV Studio
me on LeSea Broadcastings                       South Bend Indiana
  Harvest TV Show 2008

Brenda & I NewLife Bible Church        CBN TV Producer,Kara, interviews me for TV
   Cleveland TN 2008                            Film Reenactment, from my book on our deck

Mrs Maggie Hayes & I,
Norvel has left the building                        Windhill Rest-Books sold out
New Life Church                                       "It was a good problem" Mchenry,IL 2008
Cleveland TN 2008   

Was honored to be invited to speak @
First Baptist Church on Mothers Day            On Angels Wings-Crystal Lake, IL 
2010 Mchenry, IL                                          (My Min Pin) Daisy May and I 2009