By B.K. "Not an avid reader"  yet couldn't put it down   

 When I saw this book,I thought that it might be for women only.
Well I was wrong,I am a man and I when I read it I was taken
in by it. It encouraged me to see how no matter what life brings
your way, old or young,male or female no matter how tragic,
there is hope,and things can change,turn around for the
better. Mrs Finley tells from her own personal experiences,
when there seemed to be no hope,no where to go,no one to turn
to or trust,that there is away out.Your life can turn around, I don't
wantto give awayall the hope in this book,but I have read it twice
already. I've heard many others say that they couldn't put the book
down once theystarted reading it and now I'm saying the same
thing.It really is hard to put it down once you've started reading it.
This isn't a book to be read once, but rather, a book to be
read over and over again. By doing so you can experience
postive side effects, spiritually, physically, financially and more.
Even if your life is perfect (?)  you should invest in this book
so maybe you could help someone else. I give it 5 Stars!

I don't think i would be alive if it wasn't 4 u,
I know that i had contemplated suicide
alot during my deep depression that felt it was never going to lift.
I read your book @ that time and it gave be hope.
I can never thank u enough,thanks for being there for me
in my darkest moments. I am joyful as i email u and feel eternally blessed.
You were my Angel, a bright light in the darkness,
to God be the glory!!!  Forever grateful


Will bring hope to many!

Reviewer: Vera and Beltran Amador - Missionaries from Oaxaca, Mexico

As I read the words of this book I was reminded of the scripture in Psalms
that says you sent thy word and healed them and delivered them from
the pit of destruction. With the power of his word and his great love
he takes our shattered lives and restores us.


Definitely God led

I truly recommend reading this book. It is definitely God

led and inspiring! As you read this book, let the power of God move in you
as it did in me. The compassion the Lord has given Debbie for people
is evident. Ask God to open your mind to understand and your heart to
receive the blessings and joy that awaits! Remember…
All Gods promises are true.